• Assuring quality of business analysis work

  • Applying best practice standards, processes and tools

  • Sourcing and developing the best talent in the industry for your organisation

  • Focussing on what YOU need and what works in YOUR organisation

  • Improved service for your internal customers delivering increased organisational Return On Investment

Solutions for organisations who value great business analysis but want to focus on their business

Do you need good BAs?

Are your best permanent BAs in high demand? Does this leave you exposed on critical projects which need a safe pair of hands? And contractors are not a guarantee of quality.

Struggling to recruit good BAs | Aspire BA
Struggling to recruit good BAs | Aspire BA

Struggling to recruit good BAs?

Perhaps you can’t attract candidates based on salary, or is there too much competition?

Or are you just not being successful for some unknown reason?

Are your BAs not performing as expected?

Are your business analysts not performing as well as you’d hope? Or are your existing business analysts feeling let down, by not having access to the right support or practices within your organisation in order to provide the right and best BA services to your customers?

Are your BAs performing as expected | Aspire BA
Are you an aspiring business analyst | Aspire BA

Are you an aspiring business analyst?

Are you a business analyst who wants to improve your performance and inspire other business analysts? If you are, and think what we are offering could help you, send us your details and we’ll be in touch.

Aspire BA Services

Providing you with the most capable business analysts AND improving your BA’s performance on the job (through 1 to 1 mentoring)

Interim BA Service - Providing our own BAs to deliver an end-to-end service with a guarantee of quality. We will provide experienced BAs with the backup of our own tools (if necessary), resources and support network. Quality assured based on best practice informed by by IIBA, BCS and decades of on the job experience!


Internal BA Practice Improvement Consultancy Service – Improve your current organisation’s BA capability with an Aspire BA ‘practice assessment’ that gives an external view of ways to improve or get the most out of your current Business Analysts and practice procedures.


BA Academy – Find the hidden talent that recruiters don’t know about. Grow your BA Practice by recruiting your next Permanent BA’s via the ‘Aspire Business Analysis Academy’. Sourcing and placing high calibre candidates for your organisation with 6 or 12 month on site, on the job coaching/mentoring support, to ensure each new BA performs to the highest standard, and with the latest BA skills and techniques on the market.

What do we think makes a ‘high value’ BA who will inspire others?



About Us

Why are business analysts not reaching their full potential?

Business Analysis is a widespread word that has seen many variants of the role applied to different organisations without a clear industrywide recognised and shared role definition. Even though there are some specific and industry recognised qualifications and groups, different organisations have different expectations of what is required of their business analysts. It is challenging for business analysts to add value under these circumstances, especially when there are constraints on training and development budgets.

In a world where businesses are challenged by constant change to keep up with the demands and needs of their customers, never has there been a time where the role of the ‘business analyst’ is critical for organisations in ensuring a business’s needs are clearly identified and the correct solutions defined to meet those specific needs.

From an individual Business Analyst perspective, having access to the proper training and support when carrying out their role, could be the difference between being able to do the job effectively or getting poor feedback on their performance. Poor feedback can badly affect their confidence which has a longer term impact on performance.

With the role in high demand and constraints around time and budgets in ensuring an organisation gets the best from their Business Analysts, being able to bridge that gap and get the most from business analysis, will not only add real value to a business in terms of quality, but also ensure their BA’s are at their most productive, in ever changing business environments.

Alex Papworth

Alex has been a freelance business analyst for the last 15 years. His work has given him a lot of variety:

  • Most of the high street banks
  • Hard core IT BA, designing user interactions
  • Lead BA, taking a strategic view on the best approach to deliver the business benefits
  • Couple of startups for variety (he works mainly for big banks but loves inventing new solutions in a startup!)

Sometime in 2009 he got an idea. Having been responsible for improving his own BA ‘craft’ for all of that time he was frustrated by his progress. He believed better solutions were possible with the addition of technology; Wikipedia, crowd-sourcing etc are an inspiration.

He also thought that that the knowledge of the BA community must be part of a great solution.

He has become an active member of the BA community by:

  • leading the IIBA UK Chapter for a couple of years
  • mentoring individual BAs
  • set up mentoring and development programmes
  • runs his own BA community focussed on improving performance

He has also built a lot of useful contacts so he knows who to call when he has a gap in his own knowledge.

Email: alex.papworth@aspireba.co.uk
Phone: 07974 406569

The Aspire BA vision

To set a standard for Business Analysis within organisations that BA’s can aspire and aim towards. Providing businesses with excellent ‘return on investment’ (ROI) and allowing BA’s to perform to the best of their abilities.

What does Aspire BA do?

Aspire Business Analysis provides an end to end solution in terms of putting in place effective BA practices and standards, while sourcing and developing new Business Analysts for organisations, and offer many benefits in the form of:

  • Ensuring existing BA capabilities within organisations are effective and producing maximum value for money for its customers in terms of cost and quality;
  • Increasing an organisations return on investment (ROI) on sourced Business Analysts;
  • Reducing the costs associated with sourcing and on boarding new BA’s whilst removing the impact of recruiting the wrong candidate whether on a permanent or contract basis;
  • Dedicated on the job 1:1 support for individual BA’s from experienced BA coaches
  • Reducing the costs associated with sourcing and on boarding new BA’s whilst removing the impact of recruiting poorly performing BAs whether on a permanent or contract basis
  • Attract, retain and develop your BA capability through building lively communities where knowledge is shared

Adam Sedgwick

Adam has been working in the field of Business Analysis for over 15 years. He got a passion for the role early on his career while working in business areas predominantly focused on business transformation. In his early days of the role, he found himself in the recognised position of trying to understand why the business was changing and what was needed to ensure the projects delivered something that the end customer actually needed.

15 years and many analysis positions later, Adam recognised and shared many of the frustrations businesses experienced in getting high quality BA’s, and felt that there was an opportunity for businesses to get more out of the business analysts they have or want to bring on board. Due to limitations in the understanding of what the role can provide a business, and on the training and development available for budding new BA’s within the field, Adam recognised that personal one on one mentoring and coaching on the job, can produce dividends in terms of the individuals confidence in the role, and the ROI the end business receives from that BA. Being able to provide businesses a full E2E solution in terms of sourcing and developing BA talent, became his passion and together with Alex Papworth, Aspire BA became reality.

Email: adam.sedgwick@aspireba.co.uk
Phone: 07725 551496


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